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Common Construction Equipment and Their Parts

Common Construction Equipment and Their Parts

In almost all construction sites, you see these days there is probably a backhoe or mini-site. The main use of backhoes are digging. Some of the best-known companies that manufacture backhoes are CASE CE, Caterpillar Inc., Volvo, Komatsu, and Ford Motor Company. 

Komatsu is one of them deals especially with engine parts and other construction parts. You can browse and buy various Komatsu construction equipment at You can sometimes hear backhoes be called back as an actor or back actor.

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Road rollers are used for compacting concrete, dirt, or gravel. You might even see a road roller in a compacting garbage landfill. Although the road rollers are petrol-powered in parts of the world, they are called steam rollers. Ingersoll Rand Mikasa and Volvo CE are among some of the companies that manufacture rollers.

Crane used for lifting and was first invented by the ancient Greeks. The first cranes are obviously not propelled by massive engines but by men or animals such as donkeys. The cranes are available in many different types. Some of the most popular types are mounted crane, floating crane (used for bridge construction), tower crane and rough terrain crane.

A drilling machine or drilling platform is used to drill holes. Some rig industries are used in drilling wells are water, oil well drilling, and diamond drilling. The rigs are small enough that they can be moved by one person. There are huge platforms that drilling capacity thousands of meters into the Earth.

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