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Do Low Cost Printer Ink Cartridges Really Save You Money?

Do Low Cost Printer Ink Cartridges Really Save You Money?

If you have invested in a new inkjet printer for your office, you were probably quite satisfied with what you get for your money until the time comes that you need to replace the first ink cartridge.  Then, you may experience shock, especially if you buy straight from the manufacturer.  You quickly figure out exactly where they make their money.

Many businesses do a very large amount of printing, which means spending more on ink cartridges.  You start to realize early on that owning your new printer is going to cost a substantial amount of money – much more than you initially thought. 

You could decide that you will continue buying these high-cost ink cartridges because they do offer perfect printing, but can you really afford it?  There are options.

You may decide you want to use ink cartridges that are made by a third party manufacturer who design and manufacture compatible products that are comparable to the original. 

This option may work well for you, but be aware that some of these products can cause problems with your printer.  Just make certain that you purchase them from someone reputable that you can depend on if you do have issues.

Another option is inkjet refill kits.  Using these, you refill your own cartridges which can be quite messy, and is often a bit tricky.  Trying to refill them correctly is a learning process, and then you may have problems getting them to work as good as the expensive ones do. 

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