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Effective Skills for Perfect Snorkeling Experience

Effective Skills for Perfect Snorkeling Experience

Snorkeling is a very easy water sport to master within a few minutes irrespective of a person knows how to swim or not. However, there are a couple of effective skills that determine that a person is having a good and safe experience or not.

Putting on the snorkeling wetsuits and getting ready to take the lessons are the first thing that one has to do; prior to getting in the water. Whether it's an adult or a child, the tips for these skills will apply to all of them. If you are adventurous about water sports, then you can also try Cozumel snorkeling via

Effective Skills to Learn for Snorkeling

1. Fitting of equipment and accessories

The fins must be a bit loose, for that one must attempt standing on his toes while he had the fins worn. If the heels stay inside the fin's foot pocket, it's a perfect fit.

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The mask stays on the face when it's against it, while the air is inhaled from its cavity, but it still doesn't fall irrespective of the head-strap not tied; it certainly won't let the water leak in.

2. Setting up everything

The mask-strap must be worn above the ears and at the broadest part of a person's head, with comfortable tightness.

The angle of the snorkel should be adjusted until the top of the snorkel tube doesn't point backward in the direction of the ear, so it may stick-up outside the water surface when the person is face-down in the water. There shouldn't be any hair trapped in the middle of the face and mask, which could make a mask leak.

3. Spit on the lenses

Before getting into the water, one must spit on the lenses inside the mask and rub the inside of the lenses. After that one must immediately rinse it prior to putting it on. It prevents the lenses from fogging while a person snorkels.

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