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Fight of a Polar Bear’s to Survive

Fight of a Polar Bear’s to Survive

According to most of the evidence gathered by researchers and scientists everywhere, this phenomenon known as global warming quickly kills most polar bears. This is also not a kind of shaky story, something built on a stage building and various other things and not like things that can be supported.

These bears are actually drowning in their own oceans because of the threat known as global warming. The sinking of polar bears was once so rare that it is rarely observed and is almost never reported at all.

 There are some organizations who work to protect polar bears from global warming. If you also want to help them you can buy a polar bear tee and give your contribution to protecting the polar bears.

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One does not really need to see more than the corpses of floating polar bears to get a sharp insight into the impact of climate change on the environment as a whole. Environmentalists who have studied the problem indicate that government policies on oil and energy resources have triggered or at least contributed to the death of the polar bear.

With less land to hunt, they have smaller food sources to support their population and thus they will die soon. There are so many tragic photos taken from furious polar bears on a small stretch of ice that they have to call home, so many people want to do something.

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