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Information about Rubio Monocoat Oil Wood Floor Finishes

Information about Rubio Monocoat Oil Wood Floor Finishes

Rubio monocoat oil wood floor finishes are plant-based and non-toxic oil finishes of unique durability. Rubio monocoat available in clear conclusion and over 30 color finishes, all employ evenly in one coating. All of monocoat finishes are easily preserved and offer a subtle luster that shows and complements, instead of covers, the organic grain rather cover the natural grain of the wood.

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Rubio monocoat adheres together with the very first microns of wood by contemporary bonding. Because of this, rubio monocoat natural oil will ensure a typical 400 sq. ft. of flooring per liter. And due to molecular bonding no saturation can occur. The second coating not mandatory, the final wood won't take another coat.

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The identical action protects against overlaps and color variance and results in the procedure to finish in one coat. Rubio monocoat natural oil complete bonding technologies allows limited touch up of damaged regions or scrapes, since just the free wood fibers will choose the touchup coating.

The completed margins beside the damaged area won't accept fresh rubio monocoat. Rubio monocoat products guarantee lasting protection and maintenance of your wood floor and provide a broad assortment of maintenance products which keep oiled surfaces at prime shape.

Interesting to notice is that rubio monocoat comes in an assortment of colors. There are many pigment choices, and we really originally determined about the charcoal, which could have turned into the whole flooring a blackened color. In the last moment, we scratched that plan and went to the default actual finish.

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