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Relevant Details Of Tasigna Drug

Relevant Details Of Tasigna Drug

Of all the popular cancer drugs being used all around the world, Tasigna is the most famous one. Numerous patients used to Tasigna drug being completely unaware of some of the life-threatening risks it caused.

Only after several patients took a step forward in order to report the severe Tasigna complications including tasigna atherosclerosis, Americans started to learn about it.

Scientists found deep links between tasigna and atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis can be defined as a disease in which harmful thickening of the body’s arterial walls takes place. This is caused due to an increase in the white blood cells as well as fibrofatty plaque buildup.

Tasigna Cancer Drug

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Atherosclerosis is known to cause several life-threatening as well as irreversible health conditions one of which is peripheral arterial disease. If you want to get in-depths details regarding tasigna atherosclerosis, you may check out.

Tasigna is a drug that is used by the doctors for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia. It is known that tasigna is manufactured as well as marketed by Novartis.

Tasigna has been known to have severe as well as life-threatening side effects. These side effects include tissue death, cardiovascular complications, limb amputation, or even death.

A huge number of American patients have continuously taken this Tasigna drug. They used to believe that the drug was highly safe as well as effective since it was being prescribed by the well known doctors.

 Side Effects Of Tasigna

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Novartis had knowledge regarding the several Tasigna complications since the year 2011, but it never gave any formal warning to the general public of America.

Contrary to this, the company in order for boosting the sales of the Tasigna drug, kept on funding numerous aggressive as well as illegal marketing campaigns.

In the year 2013, Novartis had paid $390 million for the settlement of a lawsuit going on with the U.S. Department of Justice. In this lawsuit, the company was accused that it paid illegal kickbacks to the pharmacies who sold Tasigna over the generic versions.

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